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Acquisition of Bulgarian citizenship

Bulgarian citizenship is acquired:

  • By origin
  • By naturalization
  • By place of birth

Acquisition of Bulgarian citizenship - Aleksandrov & Kavazova Law Firm

Citizenship greatly extends the rights of a person living in a particular country. This applies not only to political but also to personal rights.
Therefore, legal assistance in obtaining Bulgarian citizenship is always appropriate.
The conditions for obtaining citizenship in each country have their own specifics.

The nuances of the procedure and the peculiarities of communication with the state administration are well known to the lawyers working in this field. Turning to us for legal assistance for obtaining citizenship of the Republic of Bulgaria, respectively European Union citizenship, you significantly speed up the procedure and to a large extent you guarantee a successful outcome. Gaps in the work of civil servants and the lack of awareness of migrants lead to non-compliance with procedural deadlines and violation of migration laws.

In our capacity as your lawyers, we will choose the best way to obtain Bulgarian citizenship as soon as possible. Migration law is a common policy of the European Union. The fact is that legislation is subject to constant changes. And since the citizenship process is a long one, it is important to keep in mind the changes in the legislative framework throughout the period. This would be best handled by a professional and mostly a practicing lawyer with a migration qualification.

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